Review of Preceding Journeys

I realize that there’s a lot in my past, and I hit the points in About Me, but for those of you who would like more information here you go!

  • 2006-2010 I worked for a ministry as an event coordinator. My favorite part of the job was without a doubt the traveling which was opened up to me. Destinations I was able to go to included; Alaska, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, England, Norway, Austria and France. So far I have a total of 4.5 weeks spent in the country which has a big part of my heart – England. My plan is to someday live there.
  • When my oldest brother was born my parents prayed to God and asked for wisdom on how to educate all of their children, and although it was definitely a difficult task they home schooled all three of us. To this day, a lot of the qualities I have in my life I can attribute to the fact I was home schooled and forced to become more responsible for myself and my education than most. When my mom began working full-time when I was 11, it became my task to go through the books and make sure I was learning the things I was supposed to be. My mom would come along when she could throughout the week and make sure, of course.
  • I was only 14 when I had my first kiss. Sadly, or fortunately, because the events of that day I no longer remember it. Throughout the rest of my teen years I jumped from “crush” to “crush” only settling a couple of times. 18 was the age when I first had a conversation with a guy in which we talked about the future and what it’d be like chasing each other in wheelchairs down the halls of the nursing home… 3 months or so later, we were no longer talking. Shortly before I turned 21 I met a guy who I truly thought I was going to marry. We jumped into things and started talking about where we’d live and how life would be after we were married. Once again, only a couple of months later we weren’t talking. I hate to give things more power than they deserve, but I can simply state that this break-up hurt for a very long time.
  • As soon as I was able to walk I was dancing, according to my parents. It wasn’t until I was 5½ that they decided to put me into dance classes, mostly because our family was already on a tight budget. My desire for dance was overwhelming, as was my talent. Finding a studio which would challenge me was proving to be a difficult task, but when I was 10 we found one an hour away which also had competition classes – something new to me. For the next 8 years the best parts of the year for me were competition times – I would choreograph my own solos and compete against other dancers whose teachers choreographed for them, and generally I’d place in the top 3. Trust me, I’m proud of this fact!
  • Being a dancer is tough – especially a competitive dancer. You watch your weight more and become so aware of the things you eat… This got a little out of control for me between the ages of 14 & 19. When I was 15 I distinctly recall going a couple of weeks eating nothing but one cookie a day. When I was 17 I realized I could be bulimic if I wanted to, and so began that round. It was a lot easier to eat and then deal with it than not eat at all. I did stop dancing when I was 18 because I had graduated and started working full-time, but bulimia followed me for a short time. To this day I’m not sure what happened or why I stopped, I just know that I got through it. I didn’t go to anyone, no one knew what I was dealing with – I kept it hidden.
  • In 2005, when I was 17, multiple events occurred consecutively which led me to feeling as though there was little left to live for – and so I shared such on my xanga (how’s that for a blast from the past!). Unbeknownst to me, my mom had stumbled upon my xanga one day and was reading everything I wrote. March 10, 2005 my parents approached me with concern and eventually I told them I was suicidal. That evening they took me to the hospital and admitted me to the Psych ward. Definitely an experience that will stay with me for a long time. After meeting with multiple med students, doctors and psychiatrists I was put on an anti-depressant and released on March 17. Since then I have done something every year to recognize not only my life – but how important it is to everyone around me. Oh, and the anti-depressant? I was taken off of it later that year.
  • I was born with a disease known as Celiac. In the past couple years it has become more publicized, so nowadays people actually know what it is. (If by chance you aren’t sure what it is… Click here) It took until I was 8 years old for me to be diagnosed with Celiac, so I was a very small and fragile girl.  For two years my mom found recipes which had no gluten in them, I continued to take vitamins, and we prayed a lot. When I was 10, I came back to my seat after receiving prayer and said to my dad “I’m healed.” Never before had I been so sure of my healing or said anything about being healed. The next morning my dad talked my mom into allowing me to have a blueberry muffin his grandmother had made… Later that day we knew I was healed. At the turn of the year of my 25th birthday I began to once again have reactions and I refused to admit I could be Celiac again. After losing way too much weight I finally consented to seeing the doctor, after a simple blood test it was confirmed that I was Celiac.
  • November of 2009 I started feeling as though there was something I was missing. Working for a ministry led a lot of people to believe I had gone through a ministry school – which, obviously, I didn’t do. By the time January came along I knew I was supposed to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry located in Redding, CA for their 2010-2011 school year, so that’s what I did. Best decision I ever could have made – one of the toughest 9 months of my life, but it definitely came out to being what I needed. I walked away a different person, a better person.
  • Prior to leaving for Cali in fall of 2010, I found myself in a relationship. We agreed that the relationship was more than something that would last just the summer, so we committed ourselves to making it work even though I was about to move across the country. The fall presented us with lots of issues, but over Christmas break we dealt with them and on Christmas Eve he proposed. January 4th we were once again separated by 2,400 miles. Multiple times throughout January I doubted if I was where I should have been – when I asked for a sign, someone bought my wedding dress for me so I stayed in Cali. When spring hit we once again were going through a few more issues and immediately began working on them. In May we found ourselves agreeing that August 13, 2011 was not to be our wedding date and started looking at 2012. June we found ourselves single and confused as to what was happening. This is the point at which I began writing and it all began with Breaking Free
  • Exactly a year after the engagement was called off, I met the man who eventually became my first husband and father of my child. In August 2017, my first son was born.
My life has been quite a journey already and here I am, looking forward and wondering what events are yet to take place.

3 thoughts on “Review of Preceding Journeys

  1. Wow, a truly amazing and intriguing story. Thanks for sharing. And it’s nice to meet a fellow Xanga transplant! 🙂 If you don’t mind me asking, what was your blog name there?

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