Learning Over the Years

I stumbled upon some blog posts of mine from a few years ago. While reading them I couldn’t get past the fact that I was the one who wrote what I was reading. It didn’t seem possible. The words, thoughts, feelings – did I really go through all of them? At such a young age?

Don’t be surprised if over the next couple days a few more of these blasts from the past appear…

What if the answer had been “No”? (March 2, 2009)

Oh the things that happen in just a few months time.. It’s greatly deceiving when you look to the future and immediately think that it will take months, if not years for things to begin to change.This is not true to any point whatsoever.
Look back on your life the past month… 2 months… Think about everything that has happened and why it has happened. You will begin to see how easily and quickly things truly do change. This may be frustrating to those of you who do not appreciate or welcome change, but you must look towards your life goals… How do you plan on achieving them if you refuse to allow change in your life?
For me personally the new year already has presented itself with so many different changes I am believing what I had thought long ago… 2009 is the year of change.
You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t care. But I will testify to this being true.
I won’t get into the list of things that have happened in my life not only personally but also on a professional level. I do not see that being fit or even necessary to make this point. (what point? you ask… I’m not sure… I never am)
Gosh darn… Right now I’m quite frustrated with life… Ok, maybe not life, but those who are involved in it. I absolutely despise it when the world is promised on that wonderful silver platter, and then taken away like it had never even been presented. Don’t do that. Not to me. It’s happened too many times all ready and I’m sick of it. If you can’t deliver don’t make the promise. Ohhh I’m a stickler for making promises only if you plan on keeping them. Perhaps I should make that more of a known fact when people start promising the world, stars and moon…. *gr*
If nothing else, life is a time of learning, and I have done a whole lot of learning in these past two months and will continue to do so.
You will never know everything. Accepting this fact and knowing you know nothing will then in turn make you smarter than those who “know all”…

…..I hate tests…..

Yes, this post makes little to no sense… Yes, therefore it is totally me.


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