All Time Favorite Song

Have you ever really thought about what your favorite song of all time is? If so – have you thought about what it says about you? Is it dark and heavy – full of anger? Or is it light, fluffy, even possibly with the word “smile” in it? Or perhaps it’s all about love, whether lost, searching, or in…

For the past 7 years or so my favorite song has been “Here With Me” by Dido. Why? A mix of the harmony, lyrics, emotions, and overall smoothness. My heart is happy when I’m spending time with those I love and I wouldn’t want to lose the memories made with them, so I do whatever possible to keep them alive. That is, as long as the relationship is alive. If I were to pick a song to do a ‘final’ dance to, one which I could really interpret through my movements and have a sincere connection with, it’d be this song.

Today was the first day I could listen to “Here With Me” since June… My heart is healing. My mind is taking steps forward. My soul is coming into a place of peace.

Yes, I am still hurting and emotional, but there is growth occurring – wounds are healing – hope is developing.


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