Chasing Dreams

It’s so easy to tell someone to chase after their dreams – it’s another to actually walk it out.

My life seems to be continually crazy and complicated – as if working 3 jobs weren’t enough, lets throw a fourth on – one which could catapult me into my dreams. At the same time however, it has the possibility to be my worst nightmare. Alas, the choices we are faced with. Part of me says – take it – go! And the other part reminds me of the hours spent on the road, the pay, etc etc… What IS a girl to do?!

How does one chase after their dreams without compromising their destiny? Is it possible that the correct doors open at just the exact correct moments? Oh life – what shall we do with you?

2 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams

  1. three jobs and now you’re considering a fourth? i must say that i’m really amazed! i mean i only have on regular job that really doesn’t pay too well but i’m not thinking of getting another one. i seriously envy people like you who have both the energy and the drive to take on every opportunity. i wish you all the best and thanks for posting!

    • Haha – thanks, but I really do not deserve any sort of recognition for having three jobs and considering a possible fourth – it is just where my life leads me currently. If my life led me to the point of having no jobs, I’d still continue on. I don’t believe it’s what a person does but rather how they do it and with what amount of heart that matters. So, if you have just one job, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it any less productive or satisfactory than if you had multiple jobs….
      Just my view though 🙂 Thanks for reading! I greatly appreciate the read, and comment – I hope your life continues on with amazing things occurring – and opportunities! You’ll eventually find a job which you love and is close to your heart – it’s getting there that’s the process!

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