Age vs. Maturity

The difference between age and maturity has been on my mind recently. Every day we see children being mature in their actions, words, and thoughts – mostly because they have to be as a result of their situation. What we also see every day are adults who repeatedly do/say things you’d expect from a child. Those adults prove that just because you’re a certain age, doesn’t mean you are mature. By definition “mature” means “fully developed in body or mind”. So, in all defense of those numerous adults in the world who don’t act what we consider “mature”, I suppose one could say they reached the state of which they were fully developed in mind at a young age – and that was that.

What is especially terrible is when you have one from both parties attempt to join together – the ‘mature child’ originally loves the carefree, spontaneity the ‘immature adult’ portrays and the ‘adult’ draws on the confidence, responsibility and care the ‘mature child’ carries. The combination results (more than likely) in a bust. Eventually they drive each other crazy because the other won’t take care of themselves/can’t have enough fun.

There are so many things to consider when dating someone – really getting to know their level of maturity is critical. You don’t want the scales to be too uneven. Being aware of your own maturity is a good place to start – critically assessing those you choose to surround yourself with, your hobbies, how you handle your free time, where you are financially – all of these things are clear indicators of your maturity. There are so many others, I’m just giving a base…

A person can always change – as long as they want to for the right reasons.


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