Even though you live in the same country, area, or town as someone else does not mean the two of you will understand each other. Words are just one way of communication, there’s also tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, overall demeanor – lots. Wonderfully so, each of us has been created with our own way of communicating. Annoyingly, most men do not understand women, and vice versa. There are countless times in past relationships and even in my day-to-day relationships where I wish those around me (especially the men) actually made sense and I understood. One minute, everything is okay – things are going along as they usually do, then suddenly – BAM! – out of no where it’s as if everything is turned upside down and the world has crashed. The only thing I ask when this occurs is — share. Share what the thoughts are which crossed your mind and led you to be an entirely different person, the situations which you are finding yourself in, the troubles of the people in your life…

The only way to make sure you are understood is to let your heart be known.

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