My Way

I found the words flying out of my mouth before I could recognize what I was saying.

“If I would have had my way, things would have been different.”

The person I said it to immediately stopped me and replied that I HAD had my way. Ouch. What a revelation. I wanted something, I chased after it, I knew it wasn’t healthy for me, I wished it would change, it became more toxic as time continued, and the rabbit hole never came to an end.
The topic? The ex. The past relationship. The break up. How my heart is. What my thoughts are on that specific area of my life.

Truth hurts sometimes. Friends who push you to say what you truly believe are amazing. People who rise to accept you and comfort you while you’re down are precious. Recognizing that you messed up, only you can be held accountable and yet life goes on is priceless.

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