The Date

They meet.
They talk.
They exchange numbers.
He calls her.
They talk for a while.
He finally asks her out.
She agrees, unsure of how it will go but excited.
He arrives at her place 4 minutes early anxiously waiting for the next 6 minutes to pass.
She runs around preparing, fearful of not being ready.
He rings the doorbell 2 minutes late.
She is waiting, checking the mirror every 3 seconds to make sure her hair still looks okay and her make-up hasn’t smudged.
They greet one another, and she locks her door while noticing he is tall enough to wear heels around.
He opens the car door for her.
She wonders “Will he still be a gentleman after 5 dates?”
His opening line in the car is so smooth it shows how much he rehearsed – especially in those 6 minutes.
She smiles to herself and accepts he is nervous as well, but won’t make a comment to him about it.
When they arrive at the restaurant he jumps out so quickly she worries she’s too slow – but her fears are released when he’s opening the door and offering his hand.
He is trying to be as kind as he can be, but he isn’t sure she likes him because of how quiet she’s being.
He enters the restaurant and gives his name, hoping she’ll hear and realize that he had made reservations – he thinks ahead.
She hears the hostess thank him by name and wonders if he is a regular, and if so how many other girls has he brought to this restaurant.
He makes sure to grab the chair for her.
She thanks him and takes her seat.
He wishes to impress, so as soon as the waiter comes he orders a bottle of Pinot Noir.
She stops and immediately thinks of meals which will pair well with Pinot Noir, and realizes she would prefer a Cabernet Sauvignon.
He asks her a question about herself.
She answers, but is so crafty she gets him to talk about himself while only half-listening because she’s looking over the menu and is terrible at making decisions.
He realizes when the waiter returns to take their order she hasn’t said a word, and worries he’s begun to bore her.
She gives her order only after he gives his, just to be sure she doesn’t go out of the correct price range.
He once again tries to pull her into conversation.
She has no trouble talking about herself, but tries to keep it even.
The conversation flows until the food is finished.
He doesn’t want the time with her to end.
She wants to stay, but realizes it’s getting late.
Being the gentleman he is, he makes sure she doesn’t feel any pressure to pay.
She feels a little odd not paying for anything, but reminds herself that it’s okay.
He opens the door for her as they approach the car.
She sits in his car, amazed at the way he’s been acting all night – thrilled he didn’t even once bring up some unhealthy topic.
They arrive back at her place.
He suggests they take a walk around the block, he can’t help but wish the night won’t end.
She debates the time until finally giving in and joining him.
They walk losing all track of time too busy discovering each others’ quirks.
Arriving back to her door he reluctantly wishes her a good night, and promises to call her soon.
She steps in and gives him a hug, as she will not be satisfied unless.
They separate and recount the night in their minds in their own way…

It’s just a date.
Something I have never experienced, but this is what I imagine it would be like.

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