From The New Year

Exactly a year ago, I thought I knew what the year before me held.

This year, I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Makes me think that maybe it’s better to not know what will be occurring than to have plans. Because obviously our plans get foiled.

This year – I resolve to only make plans which I find in God. That way, I won’t have any disappointments or unfulfilled plans.

I walked into last year as a part of someone else. This year – I’m me. Just me. Single. Solo. Individual.
Who knew that a revelation could be so violent? When you have no light in your relationship – you’re lost/confused/without the ability to see. I stepped out of that in 2011 and stepped into a wiser, more knowledgeable, stronger woman who isn’t afraid to shed light on the areas in which she finds herself.

That single characteristic which I acquired will continue into the rest of my life. The person who pushed me to become that woman however, will not. My life is mine. To be lived and walked out in the ways I believe are what God has intended. I may stray, but the important thing is that I always return. I came back. I returned home. My journey continues from here.

I wrote the above early in the morning on the 1st.
Situations as they have presented themselves in the past couple of weeks led me to post this prior to posting any other thoughts I have had recently.
Many more thoughts, feelings, dreams and adventures to come!

One thought on “From The New Year

  1. Blessings on your journey. This is the year of advancement. Sometimes in order to advance, we have to get rid of things that hold us up. Kind of like the wagon trains headed out west. Sometimes we have to dump grandma’s piano and it’s not easy. It’s going to be good this year. Hugs.

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