Night Wanderer

Times which once were reserved for peace, serenity and rest have now been replaced by endless concerns, feelings and contemplations. Without realizing it my life has shifted to the point where I only find true repose after my body has reached exhaustion. I’ve turned into a nocturnal being only emerging when I am needed.
The hours which seem to take forever to pass in the night fly by without recognition. My soul cannot bear to contemplate where my life is going – the things which I have found in myself – the reasons I do the things I do. My distractions vary, but not one has yet proved to be beneficial.
Since my birthday circumstances have seemed to be endless. If it hasn’t been one thing, it’s been another. Silence has become my unacknowledged friend. I’ve found that rather than giving my thoughts wings to soar with my voice, I’ve kept them hidden. Why I have done this, I’m not sure.

Oh my soul, faint not. Keep up. 

In the midst of what I have found as a chaotic, crazy, overwhelmed life – I have become aware of the fact I must write. The silly thoughts, desires, hopes, questions, concerns, beliefs which pass through my mind – I no longer can deny.

Who wants to deny their own existence just because life has dealt them a complicated hand?


3 thoughts on “Night Wanderer

  1. I think when we’re sixty-eight, we’ll know for sure it was never really complicated. Time is constricting in our youth, bedlam sometimes.

    I’m listening.

    Cheers, love.

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