Heartbreaker vs. Optimistic Realist

When you walk around with a certain type of personality people tend to call you a heartbreaker. Trust me, I know this as a fact. Most guys in my life have called me a heartbreaker at least once, if not more. The other week I really started to think about this though. Am I really a heartbreaker? No, I’m an optimistic realist.
At this point, you may be wondering — “What IS an optimistic realist?” I am more than obliged to let you in on the secret…
An optimistic realist is a person who will always see the best, hope for the best, as well as believe anything is possible regarding people and situations but knows that some things just will never work.

An example of this would be recognizing that a new acquaintance will never become anything more than just a friend, even if the acquaintance doesn’t wish to be just friends. When the stretch of your hand in the form of a friendship is not enough and you realize that no matter what the acquaintance will not be satisfied, you feel sad. In the long run however, it’s always best to be realistic with who you will allow to enter your life on a deep level and be honest about it.

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