Dream Much?

In our sleep, we all have dreams. Some people have one dream which repeats constantly throughout their life – others have dreams that come out of no where. Personally, my dreams are as random as which star will be the next shooting star.
Like most others, the majority of my dreams are forgotten as soon as I wake up and I never think of them or their contents again. Rarely I remember my dream as soon as I wake up, and even more rarely do I recall a dream in the middle of the day. Sometimes I can understand where my subconscious was able to create the dream from, and other times I’m lost at understanding it.

It’s no secret that I miss having someone in my life who I can turn to for anything, who cares about me more than I care about myself, who can read my moods more clearly than I can read the news, who is willing to share their entire life with me… Yet, I’m still shifting through the pieces to different puzzles, just looking for the one which works with my puzzle.
There was no need for a thorough taunting from my ex presented in the form of a forgotten-until-the-middle-of-the-day dream to remind me of that though.


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