When Settling is Actually Discovering

We all want to make sure we find the best in life, whether it is the best outfit for our shape, the best home for our family, the best car for our commute, or even the best type of food for our body. There is a constant search for these things because life is always evolving – there’s always something new and better. But what happens when there is nothing better? We leave behind what we believed life could best, and we find ourselves in a bit of a conundrum.
We passed up the best, for the search. This is when settling is no longer settling, but rather discovering what you are pleased with. What you are willing to take a chance with. There will always be a new car, outfit, food trend – but you must allow yourself to accept that what you have already discovered works for you, will continue to work for you. Even if you have to put a little work into it.


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