Ready to Leave

I like to talk. This is no surprise if you know me. The other night I found myself alone in my parents kitchen with my sister-in-law with whom I started to share some things about myself. Things that I hadn’t fully understood about myself yet.

While living life it’s possible to focus on getting through each day as it comes. But can that really be considered living? Feeling as though you’re constantly missing out on what your life is supposed to have – is that really enjoying life? Constantly searching for the “more” you feel is missing, attempting to keep a smile on your face so others won’t be too concerned, longing for some direction so you know you’re still on a path which is meant for your life… Is this really living and enjoying your time?

All of us only have so much time with which to do as we please on this Earth. I have been gently reminded of that fact due to the passing of my great-aunt last night. Less than two weeks ago she said “I’m ready to go…”   What does it take to feel ready? 

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