No Choice

When it comes to the big decisions in our lives, we have a choice. What kind of car should we buy? Where should we live? What will we do with our lives?  The list of questions go on and on… But what if one of those decisions wasn’t up to you? What if someone made the decision for you and never allowed you any choice?
As much as I hate to admit or recognize it, that happened to me. When I was younger someone stole a choice from me. One which I will never be able to make again. My life was drastically changed because of it. At first, I believed it was for the better. Over time however, has proved that it wasn’t. Not only did I no longer expect to receive a choice, but I actually expected others to perceive me and treat me the same way. I didn’t believe what others told me. I always felt guilty. Guilty because I had been forced into not having a choice. How is that possible? Why would someone feel guilty because they didn’t have a choice?!  It’s taken me years to realize that it wasn’t fair, right or even more importantly – it wasn’t my fault. In my naivety I was taken advantage of and ultimately hurt and bruised far worse than most in my life know.
I barely remember the name, or the face – but the facts will never change.


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