About Me

The DanielleMy name is Danielle, I’m 31 and was raised in small-town Pennsylvania. My journey in life up to this point include traveling the world for 4 years for work, being home schooled my entire life, lots of broken hearts, 12 years of dancing (8 competitively – Sr. Lyrical Solo unashamedly linked… Here), multiple bouts with eating disorders, clinical depression, miraculous healing from Celiac disease, then being re-diagnosed at age 25,  a year in Cali digging deeper into who I am, ending a relationship which resulted in canceling a wedding set for less than 2 months away, meeting and marrying a barista, having a child in Texas, returning to that small town in PA, and getting a divorce.

This is my continuing journey.

This is my absolute need to move on.

This is my odyssey.

– For a more in-depth look into my life, read about my preceding journeys.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Life indeed is a journey of self-discovery isn’t it?

    Discovering what works and what doesn’t.

    May your thoughts, words and deeds align you to who you want to be.

    After all, planet Earth is the planet of free choice.

    Luv n Light.

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