Lives Lost

There’s nothing surprising of the fact that the majority of American’s today took at least a moment and thought about 9/11/01. With it now being a complete decade since the events took place I can only express how happy I was to see the remembrance those around me showed. For the past couple of years it hasn’t seemed to be so on the forefront of people’s┬áminds, unless they were directly affected. The country’s entire way of living drastically shifted in a moment – how could we not acknowledge it? So many innocent and unfinished lives were lost that day…

So here’s my question: Why do we feel like it’s okay to live each day, as if we are guaranteed a thousand more?

You should never let the sun go down on an argument. You should follow your heart, as difficult as it could be. You should reach for your dreams with every action. And most of all, you should always make sure those who you love and cherish, know how much you love and cherish them.