Steps of Life

This weekend both of my brothers had big announcements they shared with the world – my oldest brother and his wife are having a boy in March, and my other brother proposed to his girlfriend. It’s exciting news, worthy to be celebrated. When my brother and his new fiancée were spending time at my parents house I was keenly aware of how different the atmosphere was compared to my own engagement last year. The difference when something is right, accepted, and previously known is incredible. My brother went about proposing as (I think) any should. The ring was what she wanted – he asked her father’s permission – his family was in the know prior – and the proposal itself was beyond adorable… There’s just something about waterfalls. ^.^

Realizing how things can be so different led to a difficult weekend. While I wanted to be absolutely thrilled for the announcements there was still something in me that couldn’t help but be envious. I’m not the best at hiding things, as I shouldn’t especially when it comes to family, so I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone noticed.
It’s hard when you think it’s your turn and suddenly everything changes.