The Heart of the Matter

When you have a full understanding of your heart, does that mean you automatically know where the issues are and how to handle them? Or maybe does it just mean that you know what’s best for you, yourself?

I started writing this back in July and realized I had absolutely no clue what was happening in my life. While I still don’t believe I know what’s happening I do think that I can meander a thought process which finds me in this once again.
The phrase “heart of the matter” is used often to signify where the start of something is.
Isn’t that just the truth – the heart is the start. Our feelings start in our hearts – not our minds. The feelings translate then into thoughts, which form into actions and reactions…
If something is convoluted, check your heart. If it’s hurting, you will know how to sort the matter.

The heart of the matter is found in the matter of your heart.