I’ve been put in some interesting and challenging positions lately. Quite a few of them have to do with how much I respect myself. Not if/how much others respect me – although, I did ask. What I found in my asking though wasn’t me wanting someone to tell me how much they respected me, but that I wanted to answer the question for myself.

With life happening how it is, I’ve come to notice that my self-respect is directly¬†proportionate¬†to my self-control. My self-control is determined by my own self-worth. My self-worth is measured by my self-respect.

Even when a girl is walking down a path all her friends are warning her against, she still learns a lot of lessons. I love my friends who are so dear and near they know my life and have shared their concerns with me, I hope they understand that no matter what happens I’m still learning and so far, all I’m learning is good.
My self-respect is higher than it was previously, and it grows with every obstacle placed in front of me.