Time Fillers

Originally I took on my multiple jobs as a way to fill my mind with thoughts outside of the pain from breaking up and canceling a wedding. Now, 4 months later I’m not dwelling on him or the relationship. I have too much on my plate, plus I’ve moved on. I’m ready to drop my 9-5, go down to two jobs, figure out my immediate plans, and take a break.

The need for things to distract me from my own mind is gone. What happened over summer is no longer in the forefront of my mind. It’s now time to handle my life.

It feels so good to be in this place. Looking forward, not wondering “what if”, being that friendly, flirty, loving, sweet young woman I am. It’s a nice change, for sure.
I’ve claimed to be here before, even said that I’m handling my life – but I wasn’t being honest with myself. I was projecting what I wanted to be truth.

Time really does heal wounds.

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