Price of Affection

Think about the times you allowed yourself to become involved with someone – even if just for a night. What were the things you gave up, the standards you let slide, the excuses you gave yourself to make everything okay?
We all have a heart – some of us are more aware of it than others, but all in all it’s there.
The things which attach themselves to your being – are they worth it?
The memories which you would like to fade – do they ever fade completely?
The disgust you feel when you think about yourself – do you ever let it go?
These are the things we deal with just for a bit of affection. No, I’m not talking about attention, I mean it when I say affection. We all want to feel needed by someone else. We all have that desire to be someone’s “other”. Our hearts weren’t made to walk through this life alone, so what do we do? We try to fulfill the void in any way possible. We give away valuable pieces of ourselves in attempt to receive any sort of affection. We push ourselves to accept less in order to mean something.
What have we done?

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